Friday, May 8, 2009

How to Solve Illegal Alien Problem

We believe that all human being has a right to live in different places. As the survey said almost 12-20 million estimated illegal aliens within the United States of America. The Government of U.S. needs a new way to solve this kind of things. The proposed law to resolve some of these serious problems recently and not just in the U.S. but this is common issued around the globe. Lots of legal residents has been worried when this type of issued arises.

As the number of illegal alien have increased yearly and all of then has undocumented. This will be a dilemma of unsecured country and more street crimes will take place, illegal drug will be the problem and violent gang war will arise everywhere. The conflict of territory will be arises. Those are the issued when then country didn’t solve this kind of issued. Think of it that prevention is better than cure. As the great philosopher said that, in every problem there is a certain solution.

The truth of the issue is to be personal vigilant to your community rather than invading army that can cause harm to the citizens and it should be corrected. My people finder is a solution led the right migration status and if the person has legal document to live and work on a certain places. The legal process is doing by laws for every migrants and don’t attempt to harass them, just respect they’re right every migration there have reason why they have been transferred one places to another.

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