Friday, May 29, 2009

By Laws and Rights to Due Process

From all these years study and research for every amendment intended to person arrest or detained outside the country or with the territory. Every citizen in the world has rights to due process and each by laws to depend every right either right or wrong.As the by laws created not for one side and it should be fair to anybody. Some of discrimination will arise due to the living status. If you are rich the law was favorable to you. The convicted rich person living same status when they’re living before they’re convicted. If you are poor the laws was shadow to your rights. As the justice tagline said: “Justice delay is justice denied”.

In both arresting and interrogating the suspect they must pass the right due process. Some officers they’re threat as convicted instead doing of human to humane. The information will be just that a felon has right obtained due process and each by laws. Find criminal report from the previous record has great stuff of interrogation felons. Through the data gathering lots of previous record should be revealed and even the suspect will be amaze each of the detail has been exposed. Rights to dues process is very significant in every interrogation, it should be right, accurate and reliable.

In essence, every individual have given their life to live. The constitutions protect the right of person be fair and stand with full respect. If we do respects to others we gain also right of respect and it should be done rightly with humility.

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