Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wed Detective: Cell phone Number Directory

The directory of a phone number was on wireless connection, especially for people with land lines and businesses, but nobody uses a land line to any further extent. The dilemma is that there's no official directory for mobile phone numbers. One of the major cell phone contributors with the exception of wireless company has a joint project in the works to create a comprehensive directory, but it's still off in the distance a ways. The other disadvantage is that it will be on an unpaid assistant basis where customers will provide their own information and in turn can search the database.

It means there will be a limited ease of use of numbers and therefore less odds your search will return anything. That a mean users can provide whatever info they want, so results might not be exact. The use of existing was being self-determining volunteer registries that operate on a similar basis. It can be helpful but share the aforementioned disadvantages of volunteer directories. The sites sample available that don't require any information from you. Base of my experience they're pretty accurate and have a broad database.

Through thing site you will avoiding creditors and ex-girlfriends keeps me from answering a lot of calls. However, there are plenty of people calling that wanted and need to talk to. They can get back to them from searching the online web detective. The bottom line is I need to know who's calling me. Just try your search and they would give 100% confidentiality to you.

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