Friday, January 9, 2009

Friendship World Wide Web

Friendship is a common relation whether in culture or in different culture. The tradition of friendship is a neighborhood friendship was both parties are in the same place. In tradition way they always say that don’t talk to strangers or don’t give attention to the person you do not know. But sometime were just limit our involvement from other human race. We just say that a Filipino cannot mingle a Chinese people because there’re race from different culture. We thought that when build friendship it should accompany with day by day.

The evolution of social media networking broke up the barrier of two different races. As we look back before we have only one or two friends and it should not far away from each other. The innovation of technology was innovating also the style of friendship its travel miles away though using web and online social media network.

The top examples are friendster, facebook, mysapce hunkababe and etc. The bridge of friendship from other culture was connected. Trying to know that the is no hindrances to have friend. Sometime in social media friend they go the point of marriage. Proving that there’s no barrier of two different races.

Finally, the more you express you idea the more you gain hundreds of friends. Exchange of different idea, that anyone can comment either good or bad. It’s a one way of motivating self-esteem to be more open to the other culture without emphasizing that your culture cannot be violate. The social media networking is to know the unique individuality of a person because no man is an island.

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